Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 Above are a few close-ups or cropped versions of the portraits in my upcoming exhibit, MYANIMALANDI. 
The originals are even better.
Come join us March 1st.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It seems like forever since I've visited the virtual world of "Little Piece", and that's largely because it's been nearly forever since I've visited the outdoors with my camera. And in turn, I've been getting a little restless! I've been missing the mating season of coyote and fox!

But I've been up to something good none the less, and it involves our animal brethren. I've been exploring new worlds of composition and juxtaposition, fusing photographs of friends and their respective animal, or what some commonly refer to as a spirit animal. I actually came up with a new name/phrase to describe the phenomena: MYANIMALANDI (see if you can pronounce that!)

Well, my personal journey of discovery in Photoshop is nearing it's end and I'm just about ready to share my rewards with others.  

Please join me this March 1st for the March Art Hop in Kalamazoo for the opening reception of my exhibit of portraits. There will be 6-8 portraits with animals ranging from the wolf, the bobcat, the tree-frog, the praying mantis, the jumping spider, the barn-owl, and the red-tailed hawk, not to mention the amazing cross section of friends who were willing to put up with my mad-scientist approach to an ancient theme.

My friends, the animals, and I hope to see you soon.

I'll be posting more as the clock ticks down.