Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If You're Gonna Shop...

With Black Friday fast approaching, and in some ways eclipsing Thanksgiving, I urge you to counter the impulse to shop, or consume, and instead, make your way out into the wild. Walk off the caloric intake and give thanks for the turkey's sacrifice and the bounty of the harvest with a walk in nature. This is where all our sustenance comes from originally anyway.

Not to contradict myself, but let me offer a counter balance to my plea for less consumerism. If you're going to buy a Christmas present, either this coming weekend or in the coming weeks, buy one from ME! But seriously, my wildlife documentary, ANIMALS AMONG US is a great Christmas present. It's physically small, affordable, created locally, and most importantly, celebrates local wildlife and wild spaces. It can also be an excellent way to bring the family together, gathering around the electronic fireplace. 

To that end, I'll be at the Kalamazoo Nature Center's Local Art & Gift Fair, December 12th, selling DVD's and various prints of my photographic art. Come check it out; admission to the Nature Center is FREE, and you'll be supporting a local economy. So, don't forget December 12th. That way you can avoid Black Friday as well as procrastinate on your Christmas shopping with little worry. 

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