Tuesday, July 6, 2010

They're Out There...

Finally, after traipsing about the woods of Schippers Crossing for nearly a year, evidence of some big bucks. 

The antlers aren't fully grown yet, for the year, or perhaps for their age, but the potential is clearly there. 

As you may have gathered by now, Schippers Crossing is sort of a new frontier, or wild west, for the quasi-urban wilderness of Kalamazoo, with lots of wild space and not a whole lot of rules. Hunting occurs - and with that comes pressure, ample pressure on the deer. Thus, either the bucks are killed or wary as all hell.  

That's where the lackadaisical days of summer come into play, coaxing big bucks out into the open to graze in peace. They can sense the hunters absense; and the does don't drive bucks against each other. That's why they mill about in "bachelor packs", biding time for the annual ritual of the rut. I can hardly wait. 

The only question is: will I see these same bucks in three months? We'll see...

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