Tuesday, September 28, 2010


If you didn't get one of these cards in the mail, or pick one up around town, then I formally gift you with an invitation to my photography exhibit this Friday, in Kalamazoo Michigan.

This Friday is the infamous Art Hop for October in Kalamazoo, and this one proves to be insanely big and busy, with an emphasis on photography. There's a photographic conference going on at WMU this weekend, so photography is the buzz around town.

I'm personally thrilled to see my own work magically shape-shift from a digital image on screen to a real, tangible photograph, hanging on the wall. If you've been following my blog, and come to the show, you can also experience this transformation.

It's also a chance to purchase a framable print, at "just starting out" prices. So invest now, before inflation kicks in.

Nearly all the photographs were taken in and around Kalamazoo, except for two that were taken at Ottawa Marsh in the Allegan State Game Area. So these are our urbanm, animal neighbors, and there's a distinct possibility you my have seen one running, or flying, around town.

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  1. Hi Matt. My niece who recently moved to Kalamazoo sent me this card which she picked up at the Friday night art hop, as she called it. I have a special connection to herons which she knows about. I live on Lake Pend Orielle in Idaho, and had a heron that seemed to be standing guard for me all one summer. Yours is a lovely image I can enjoy when my resident herons are off elsewhere. Off to check out more of your work.