Monday, May 23, 2011


At last, Douglas Tallamy's wonderful presentation, Gardening for Life, will be broadcast next week on Public Media Network.

The award winning author of Bringing Nature Home was the keynote speaker for a conference on native gardening at the Kalamazoo Nature Center in the Fall of 2009. I was commissioned by the Kalamazoo Area Chapter of Wild Ones to document Tallamy's presentation and the panel discussion following his talk. You can read more about the presentation and the commissioned DVD by clicking here.

If you care about the decline of biodiversity in the world and want to know how you can do something about it right in your backyard, you need to watch this program!

Friday, May 27th @8pm, channel 20
Sunday, May 29th @7pm, channel 19
Tuesday, May 31st @10am, channel 20
Thursday, June 2nd @3pm, channel 19

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  1. Having "Gardening for Life" available to the tv crowd is handy, maybe they will think more carefully about what they plant. Folks who have interest in growing might want to check out the new plantings @the brand new People's Food Coop. Tom Small plants again!