Friday, June 24, 2011

The One That Survived

Southern Michigan is allegedly home to the southernmost, and second southernmost nesting pair of loons in the world. Quite an honor for our Great Lakes State. This is apparently as far south as these typically northern birds are willing to reside during the hot months of summer. Aren't we lucky to be in their range of tolerance. They are a splendid bird.

This little guy and his parents are the "second" southernmost pair, and they began as a family of two this year. A friend and his wife canoed the little lake and reported the two chicks on the nest mound and only one day later I was out kayaking only to find one chick. In 24 hours the family was down to one progeny.

Perhaps the success rate of a snapping turtle and his family has just increased.

Let's hope this only-child loon makes it.

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