Sunday, September 4, 2011

They're out there...

Much to my surprise, I'm seeing (and hearing about) some stellar bucks in the woods behind my house.

I thought all the big bucks were poached, or never made it past 8 points because of poachers.

This year is proving that speculation of mine to be all wrong. Sometimes I like being wrong.

This slightly lopsided 10 point was the only one I managed to photograph. Another larger, taller and more symmetrical buck has refused to show himself ever since the evening I was out scouting and we both saw each other. We were both startled, and clearly for different reasons.

And his disappearing act sits well with buck lore that says big bucks don't get to be that big and that old without a certain kind of smarts.

I just pray I'm old and smart enough to snap his picture sometime this season. Then he'll enter into my own personal lore.

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