Wednesday, February 29, 2012


If you've been following my blog or website, you're well aware that I'm trying to raise the funds to finish an exciting new doc on a nesting pair of Osprey down on the Kalamazoo River. 

Well, the countdown has begun. In a matter of hours, minutes, seconds, our campaign will come to a close. If we don't raise $25,000 by 11pm, March 1st, we won't receive a single cent! That's the way all-or-nothing funding works. 

Will we reach our goal? Is it worth the time to pledge? The answer is potentially YES! But only if everybody kicks in now, in this final stretch. 

And don't worry about the risk. If we don't reach our goal, your credit-card will not be charged. You'll get your money back.

So, seriously consider supporting this entirely home-grown documentary about our own family of Osprey and our dear Kalamazoo River.

Our hopes are in your hands. Let's hatch this doc!

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