Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blazing Bluestem

Fall's been blazing away and unfortunately I've been watching much of it from the windows of my car. Just this week I finally grabbed my Canon and seized the day.

In my walk-about, I was drawn not to the canopy so much as the ground. 

Next to the tracks that run along East Michigan Avenue was a fuzzy, swath of subtle rich color. Turns out it was a remnant patch of small bluestem, a native prairie grass that once grew in abundance before the great disruption of our landscape.

Although small and often overlooked, even grass has it's moment of glory in Autumn.



  1. I study grasses myself and use their inspiration for my fiber art. So I agree,grasses DO have their moment of glory come fall. These shots are exquisite.

  2. Thanks Idaho Beauty. I presume you have prairie out your way, which means you have GRASS, and LOTS of grass! I bet that is a real inspiration. Thanks for the compliment on the shots. I went back a week later to photograph them again and they had faded in their glory. The fleeting beauty of Autumn...