Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blossoming Curiosity

My first photograph of Spring. 

There is nothing more intriguing to me than a shot of an animal looking at something. Curiosity is the hallmark sign of intelligence, and when a bird or animal looks at something, trying to understand what it is, I can just imagine the synapses firing inside, "what is this thing?"

Well, my own curiosity is piquing when I look at our premature Spring: "what's going on here?" 

The best summation I've heard so far is that the body loves it but the mind is afraid to contemplate it. 

I see no reason not to link it to global warming. It's impossible to say with certainty, but to suggest otherwise would be foolish. The best analogy I've heard so far comes from a climate scientist who equates it to a baseball player on steroids: if that player hits a home run, you can't say with certainty that it was a result of the drugs (it could have been sheer skill and ability), but it's pretty hard not to think that steroids provided that extra "umph".

The planet is warming, and this Spring is simply outa' the ball park.

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