Monday, March 12, 2012

Pledge Marathon

I realize my blog has been inundated with posts regarding my fundraiser for HOPE HATCHES, making it like those pledge drives on NPR and PBS that keep interrupting programming. And I know you're wondering when the heck it's going to stop and return to pictures of wildlife. Well, we're almost there folks!

In case you hadn't heard, I decided to go with the $10,000 in theoretical pledges we raised during our unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. That's a sufficient amount of funding to keep the project moving along.

So, I'm asking the people who pledged through Kickstarter to re-donate directly to HorsePower Pictures. That way we can tap the tremendous amount of support we generated without launching another Kickstarter campaign and losing critical production time.

To donate directly to HorsePower Pictures, click HERE and you'll be directed to our new WHEN HOPE HATCHES blog with steps on how you can contribute either by check or PayPal. If you pledged through Kickstarter, you won't be donating twice since your Kickstarter contribution was never withdrawn from your account. Your donation to HorsePower Pictures will be your only contribution.

Thanks so much for your time, patience and hopefully, contribution. I've got some posts coming real soon about the Osprey project. So stay tuned!

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